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Still a star left in the sky

Have you ever experienced one of those days where you feel like you have no more strength to move on in life.

All you have ever worked hard for was just a waste… And all you’ve accomplished in life seem to appear in utter darkness… Where no life is left in you and your blood feels dried up…

Tears seem to be your only resort and every drop rolls down your cheeks unexplained.  It’s at that absolute moment you feel a serene touch of someone.  You look up and you see there is still a star still shining bright in the sky.

You start to realize you are not alone.  You share a moment in a language that only your heart seems to grasp and respond to.  A sudden surge of electricity turns your world upside down.  You begin to feel peace like never before. You feel a blanket of protection cover you with tenderness and care like you have never experienced in the past. 

You realize its nothing less than super natural.  Its an awesome savior proving he is still near,  still in control,  still gracious and merciful and most importantly, that he still cares for you. 

No matter what you go through at times… Be certain of one thing and one thing alone…God is always there.  He promised to never leave us even till ends of the age  (Matthew 28:20).

Its like the story of that man who saw two sets of footprints while walking with God… One was God’s and the other was of himself. When he was going through troubles… Pain… Agony in life, he found only one set of footprints. So he asked God why he left him in times when he needed God the most. Jesus replied…that one set of footprints was not of yours. I was carrying you in those times you needed me the most.

God bless you 🙂


Crucial Blogging Tips that can easily be Underestimated!

Laura-Lee from her blog writes some of the crucial points to becoming a successful blogger. According to her points, i believe i do use “catchy titles” (literal example “Top 15 Blogging Best Practices”), reference my articles (giving credit for other people’s work) and post frequently (as of now).

I do, however, miss out some other important aspects such as the simple usage of “bold, italics and underlining” techniques and making your blog posts easy to share. One fact that i never knew was adding post tags. It seems to help my readers find me and my blog posts eventually.

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