Happy Easter 2017

There is no feeling like getting up early in the morning like those women did 2000 years ago and be able to say, “He is Risen!”.

What Jesus did for us is truly incredible and hard to wrap our heads around. Why would someone who creates stars in the universe from His breath would choose to come down and become breathless for us – His creation.  I don’t know but I’m so so glad He did.

Just as that song says, “when I couldn’t go to where He was…He came to me”. Thank you Jesus for rising up from the grave, conquering death, and giving me freedom I enjoy today. Thank you for your love, grace and mercy.


Never Forget Where You Started

Yesterday, I received this beautiful set of business cards designed and printed in the UK by a company called Moo (I know it sounds funny). Moo is renowned for their exceptional quality in printing luxurious business cards. They won quite a number of awards so if you are looking for some quality business cards, then you should definitely check them out. Seeing these cards with that glistening gold foil design has really made my day (Going with Trump Style – Gold in Everything 😉 ). Even their packaging was absolutely top-notch.

I ended up showing it to my dad. He thinks that I was wasting money on useless things (This is his usual comment on most of the things I do haha). Anyway, I was saying my prayers just as I was about to head to bed and I felt like God brought to my remembrance the days when I first got into this work. We are looking back 7 years ago when I got my first set of business cards printed for my web design business. They were thin, low GSM, low-cost, and low-quality cards that were there purely there for someone to get in touch. It met my purpose and so I went for it. In fact, I didn’t know if my business was going to do well or not in those early days so I got a deal that VistaPrint was doing at that time ($9.99 for 250 Business Cards). The downside was that they advertised their services on the backside. I remember handing those out to my potential customers.

As I was thinking of those days, I ended up getting a little emotional. I felt so thankful to God for bringing me to where I am now. Slowly but surely. Its always good to remind ourselves of where we come from and where we started of. It keeps us humble, focused, and close to God. Because, truth be told, if it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t have got this far. He showed me His faithfulness despite me constantly failing Him. Do not forget your humble beginnings lest you feel proud in your heart and lest you think that it was your own strength/skills/abilities that you got to where you are now. Praise Him when you are on the mountain top and praise Him when you are going through the furnace to be shaped and moulded into his liking.

Most of all, never place your trust on things that never last – money, fame, and things of this world. One day you might have plenty of it and the next day you might be the poorest man in town. Things that never change is what you should always give you undivided attention to – God, Family, and Friends. They are the ones who will love you no matter where you are in life, whether you earn thousands or nothing at all, whether you have a mansion or live on the street. Always work hard not so you can live a luxurious life but so you can lend a hand to those in need.

God is good…All the time!

PS. I might sound a little controversial here talking about lending hands while ordering “quality” business cards. I have done this to please those people who look at your business card to measure your success rather than the actual work you perform 😉 Unfortunately, there are still a lot of those “types” around.


Stick with the Herd!

I was watching a documentary that showed how a Lioness hunted the buffalo. When a lioness is on the lookout, they instinctively set their eyes on the weakest buffalo in the herd. They wait patiently for the opportune time to start the attack. Before the attack, I saw the lioness wait patiently “studying” its target. It was probably observing the behaviour of this buffalo and how good it is on keeping guard of the predators. What was interesting to notice was the lioness always tried to separate the target buffalo from it’s herd. The lioness knew very well if this weak buffalo has the support of its herd, they would defend her at all cost. Within this herd, there are stronger buffaloes that come out to face the enemy when under attack whilst guarding their young by surrounding them. They form this boundary to make sure the predator doesn’t get to them. But when the buffalo gets separated, it’s an easy target. The whole pack can jump in and have a satisfying meal.

This is so similar to our walk with God. The Bible tells us that Satan is roaming around in this world like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). If we are not watchful, we will surely be separated from the herd and its protection. Consider the herd as the family of God. You can think of the stronger buffaloes as the support crew in your life. They are out there making sure you don’t get hurt and they put their lives on the line to protect you. These could your pastors, counsellors, parents, family and so on. But the minute you get separated from this support crew and your family of God, you are an easy target. You are out in the open without cover. You won’t last long. It will be only the matter of time before Satan gets to you and makes your life a living hell.

My point is, sometimes you might not feel like going into the presence of God. Perhaps, you are feeling guilty and you just don’t feel like going to church or attending a church meeting. But these are the very times you need to be there. We all have sinned and we are not perfect people. We will never be “righteous” by ourselves or our deeds. It is God’s righteousness that he accredits to us. When we go to God, He sees us covered in His son’s blood. He doesn’t see us and what we’ve done in the past. He sees His son in us and What His son did on the cross for us. I am not saying people who attend every single church service are ‘super-spiritual’ blameless saints and prophets. They are not.

The reason why I “try” to attend all the church meetings is because I don’t want to be separated from the herd. Satan is so cunning in the sense that he slowly gets us to where he wants us to be. He is very patient “studying” his subjects carefully before making a move. Did you ever notice that when you constantly fall into the same sin, you are no longer as convicted as you once were? You just no longer feel as guilty as the first time you’ve done it. This is how Satan works. Slowly but surely he will get to us. At this stage in your walk with God, you might say I am never going to leave the church. I love God and I need Him in my life. But slowly as the months/years go by and after slow and gradual separation from the church, you will be at a stage where you will say, “Maybe this church thing isn’t for me. I don’t feel like God is real to me anymore”. I have seen this happen in so many peoples’ lives.

Slowly but surely, Satan managed to separate them from the herd and their lives have turned upside down. I urge you to make every effort to stay close to God and to keep close to the family of God. The people who once were great warriors for God now hate to talk about Jesus or the church. They are no longer walking with God and it is a very sad thing to see. Some of these people have gone on to become “big shots” and successful in life but what good is that? It reminds me of that verse where it says, what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul.

Please be watchful and keep looking at Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.

Blog Funny Quote

In days of old…

“Have more than thou showest,
Speak less than thou knowest,
Lend less than thou owest,
Ride more than thou goest,
Learn more than thou trowest,
Set less than thou throwest.”
—The Fool in King Lear

“Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.”
—Polonius in Hamlet

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”
—Escalus in Measure for Measure

Loving all the owest and doest and dost, today! All my softwares are malfunctionest so I better get to workest and breakest a little later at night.

Blog News

Listed on Softpedia!

What an awesome surprise?

Today, I received an email stating that one of our business apps – Email Verifier App has been published on one of the world largest download website – Softpedia. This website has been around as far as I can remember and it takes months to get listed. Thank you, Lord! I am so glad we are on it. Time to celebrate 🙂