Bible Inspirational

Why pray?

I heard so many messages about having a strong prayer life. People always talked about its importance but what I never heard is why its important to pray in practical sense.

Pray keeps our minds calms. Just like the food we eat, we need to pray everyday. Whether we are disappointed and when we’re over the moon. Our feelings shouldn’t matter and prayer should never stop.

We must pray continually as its our only source of strength in times of trouble. All may fail but prayer will never. Prayer keeps our heart aligned with God. Without prayer, we lose focus.

The best example I can think of is driving a car. When you loose focus on the road, you’re bound to crash. Sometimes we have brief moments to get our focus back on track to avoid crashing into something.

Likewise, without prayer, we loose focus. We are going to crash. Bible clearly emphasizes that this is just our journey. Let’s get to the other side focusing on Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Don’t forget to pray. David was a very rich king. Yet, he wasn’t known for that but rather for being someone who did according to what God had desired. He was a man after God’s own heart.

That’s my desire and I hope you have such a desire too.