Faithful Man

A faithful man will be richly blessed…    (Proverbs 28:20)

Paul says that we should know ‘the fellowship of the sufferings Lord Jesus.’ He suffered for us because of His love and compassion. He gave Himself on the cross for us saying, “My children can be healed only through My stripes. Blessings will abound in their lives only when I become a curse; they can be saved only when I am lifted up on the cross; and their sins can be forgiven and they can receive redemption only when I shed My blood. Because of the love I have for My children, let Me sacrifice Myself!”

God wants to keep a faithful heart in us to know the will of Lord Jesus, His mind and His sufferings. So, let us plead with God saying, “Lord, my spirit is weak. I don’t have a faithful and loving heart. Kindly fill me with your powerful Holy Spirit. Grant me a faithful heart and let your blessings abound in my life, my family and my generation!” When we pray in such a manner, He will fill us with His Spirit and give us a faithful heart. Moreover, He will shower His perfect blessings upon us and make us joyful.


Loving Lord Jesus,

Your faithfulness endures forever. I seek You with all my heart and all my soul. You suffered for me on the Cross because of your love and compassion for me. You rose to life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Give me the grace to partake in your sufferings and glory. Anoint me with the Holy Spirit. Fill me with your power. Give me a faithful heart. Bestow me with your rich blessings.

In Your matchless name I pray.


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