Just Grace – Mike Rayson

Before you spoke the word – Just Grace | Before my cry was heard – Just Grace | Before my fingers and toes and my nose and my mouth were fashioned into place – Just Grace

And it’s only by Grace that Jesus has saved, its not by the works of my hands or my best laid plans. Just grace | and nothing but grace can fully erase | From my first to my last all my life will pass through grace.

Before I learnt to run – Just Grace | And before my songs were sung – Just Grace | Before I climbed my first tree, fell down on one knee and saw my baby boy’s face – Just Grace

Before the world began – Just Grace | the fathers perfect plan of grace | And you walked in my skin embraced me within then died there in my place – Just Grace | No shame | Taken away | Just grace and I stand amazed

From the ends of the earth to the height of the sky to the depths of my estate | Just Grace

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Hi Mike…you’ve just made my day. Thank you so much for taking time to write a comment. Yes, I did hear it first on Southern Star and then went straight to iTunes.

You wouldn’t believe how blessed me and my family (esp my dad) were listening to your song. My dad completed his entire Chartered Accountant log book just listening to your song over and over again. Its been a great help for my studies as well just having it play in the background.

Praise the Lord!

I first heard this song I. 2009/2010 on Radio Premier UK.
Your testimony behind the song is touching and encouraging.
Thank you for the reminder.

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