I’ll follow my daddy…

One day, a father was reading bed time story for his children. As he came to the end of a page, he licked his fingers tips to turn to another page. One day, his child turned to him and said, “Daddy, let me read it to you”. So she began reading sitting in her father’s lap. As she was turning pages, she licked her finger tips for a while before she attempted to turn the page. This was an obvious stand out in her reading. This caught the attention of her father.

God spoke to his father. He said, “Did you see what she was doing?”. The father replied, “Yes Lord…I did. She is doing what I did while reading the book to her”. Then God taught this father a lesson on how to raise up his children. Her daughter was imitating what she saw her father doing. She wasn’t licking her finger tips because she found a reason to…but she was doing it because her father had done it while he was reading a book.

Similarly, your kids won’t listen and learn but rather observe what you are doing and imitate that in their lives. You have to be careful in your actions because if your children are imitating you…you don’t want to do anything that would cause them harm in the future. Be an example as Christ has set an example for His bride.

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