Insightful look of Facebook’s impact on our lives

My good friend, Mukund has written an insightful article into Facebook and its impact on our lives. He includes his own personal experience and introduces the concept of Litmus test to set the harmony right again.

Facebook has become a constant in the developed world, and in pretty much most of the developing world as well. It has become more ubiquitous than Microsoft Windows, heady praise indeed(or is it?). Therefore the role Facebook plays in our lives is a question which we must all ask ourselves.

It’s a powerful tool, few of us truly comprehend the depth of it, our own personal publicist albeit without the discretion. Bane or boon, a lot of times it’s a bane – youngsters especially upload information and opinions to seek attention. It’s pretty much the school playground of the evening. This I can testify from personal experience, I cringe when I look back at my timeline during 2009-2010, I used to be such a jerk!

Read the entire article on his blog!

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