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Black Dots to Music Notes

I was just frustrated with the amount of effort I needed to put in for things to go the way I wanted it and when I read this…I was greatly comforted. It helped me realise and get back my focus on what really is important in life. I also understood that things might not go in your way always but if it goes in Gods ways…you know you’ve got the best deal.

From Streams in the Desert (Book):

No matter what the source of evil, if you are in God and surrounded by Him as by an atmosphere, all evil has to pass through Him before it comes to you. Therefore you can thank God for everything that comes, not for the sin of it, but for what God will bring out of it and through it. May God make our lives thanksgiving and perpetual praise, then he will make everything a blessing.

We once saw a man draw some black dots. We looked and could make nothing of them but an irregular assemblage of black dots. Then he drew a few lines, put it a few rests, then a clef at the beginning, and we saw these black dots were musical notes.