Bible Interesting

Abraham Lincoln’s River Crossing

Today at Church of Christ New Zealand, our pastor (Peter Hargreaves) was talking about the King David and how even in midst of storm in his life, he has learned to trust God (Psalm 56). While illustrating this idea further, he told us about a story on Abraham Lincoln. Before becoming the president of United States of America, he was something else (dont remember exactly). Back then, they didnt have cars so they would travel by horses.

While traveling, one would have to cross through many obstacles such as rivers. The currents were becoming only greater while Abraham Lincoln and his men were crossing. They feared of this one big river that was way up ahead on their path named the ‘Fox‘ river. Night has dawned, so they took shelter at a near-by place where they met one of the minister who is renowned for travelling around the country.

So they asked him about the ‘Fox’ river that was up ahead in expectation of a helpful tip. This man looked at them and said, ‘I will never cross it until I reach it!

What a wise answer? We seem to worry about life and the possible outcomes even before we are in such situation. That’s exactly why Jesus said, today has enough burden of its own and not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34).