J-O-Y – It’s so hard!

There’s so much meaning in kid’s songs. J-O-Y…J-O-Y…this must surely mean…Jesus first, Yourself last, and Others in between. While it’s easy to sing, it’s extremely hard to do – to give God first place in your life and to place others in front of yourself. To realise that everything is not about you or your happiness. To do things that make others happy although it’s not what you really want.

This is especially hard when it comes to people you love and care about. Sometimes what they want is not always what will make you happy. This applies to even small things like giving them some quiet time or giving them what they like. It’s really hard to do but something we should do. Always think of it this way, if you care about them and love them so much, you would want to make them smile and keep them happy right? So whatever they are asking for is clearly keeping them happy – so just do it no matter how hard it is for you!

This is quite relevant in our Christian walk too. Jesus said, If you love me, you will do what I say (John 14:15). If we really love Him, we want to do everything that would make Him smile and keep Him happy.

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