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Living off His grace and mercy

Everyday is a new day but what’s the use if we make it old again…God gifted us new life and its our job to keep it clean and presentable.

Obedience to God’s voice seems so necessary in these last days. Living a purposeful life with a vision ahead of us is so crucial to our success.

I’ll never forget what Evangelist Edward William Kuntam has said in one of his messages. He used the analogy of a thief and an owner. One day thief comes to steal from this owner. In the process he gets caught. So what is grace and mercy here.

Well if the owner decides to leave the thief without surrendering him to the police (what he actually deserves)… That’s mercy. But let’s say the owner feels pity on the thief and gives him gold to live off with and tells him, “Don’t steal again”… That’s grace.

That’s what Jesus had done for us on that cross… He took on what we truly deserved and gave us what he truly deserved… That’s why they say… Grace is nothing but God’s riches at Christ’s expense.

Think about it this Christmas as we enter 2013… God gave His most valuable possession… HIS only son to the Mankind… That’s the true Joy of Christmas. What a loving God we serve.

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