Never take things for granted…

God always has His way of teaching things to us and in my recent lesson, I have learned how important it is not to take things for granted. I run a business, so I have a mobile app that lets me see the sales activities and see transactions as they happen. It’s a subscription-based site, so the amount varies from $35 to well over $1000s. Time to time when I see a three figure transaction, I usually end up thanking God for it. What I haven’t realized until just today was that I never actually took the time to thank God for smaller transactions that I get a notification about.

Recently we pushed an update, and my developer forgot to change the credit card processing from test version to live version, so none of the credit card transactions was taking place. We hadn’t realized that until the 4th day when I realized I had few sales. ┬áThat’s when God started speaking to me. He reminded me of my actions – of how I gave thanks for bigger transactions but failed to realize the importance of thanking God for even the smaller transactions.

I just bowed my head down and said, Lord, I am sorry. I am guilty of this. I never realized it, but I have done this many times. From this point forward, I am going to give thanks for the little transactions as well as the bigger transactions because it is you who is giving me. They are not coming because I deserve it or because of my hard work. Often, we enjoy so many benefits in our lives but we fail to thank God for them. We take them for granted.

Have you ever thanked God for having clothes on your body, food to eat when hungry, money to buy what you need, car to drive where you need to go, and for a family that loves you no matter where you are in life?

I know I haven’t taken time off to say Thank you, Lord, as many times as I should have. I decided to make it a habit of giving thanks to God for every little thing in my life. The more we are grateful…, the more humble we start to become…because we start to realize how weak and dependent we are on our heavenly father for everything we enjoy in our lives.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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