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Listed on Softpedia!

What an awesome surprise?

Today, I received an email stating that one of our business apps – Email Verifier App has been published on one of the world largest download website – Softpedia. This website has been around as far as I can remember and it takes months to get listed. Thank you, Lord! I am so glad we are on it. Time to celebrate 🙂

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God knows your heart’s desire

I just remembered how I always use to dream about living in a holiday place where everyday felt like a holiday. My dad was off every now and then to work and my couldn’t take day off to take us to places in India. She had to manage a lot of things.

But God just remembered me what I dreamed back then and where I am now. Living in New Zealand is really like paradise. Its beautiful and an amazing place.

God fulfills the desires of those who love Him. I didn’t ask which place I thought was a great holiday place but God knew. He knows the best and he knows the right time. Just trust Him and love Him.

God bless you!

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Instead say

Instead of saying…

We’ve never done it before say we have the opportunity to be first.

We don’t have the resources say necessity fuels invention.

There’s not enough time say we’ll change how we work.

We’ve already tried that says we learned from experience.

We don’t have the expertise say let’s network with those who do.

Our vendors and customers won’t go for it say let’s show them opportunities.

We don’t have enough money say maybe there’s something we can cut.

We’re understaffed say we’re a lean hungry team.

It’ll never get any better say we’ll try one more time.

Let somebody else deal with it say I’m ready to learn something new.

It’s not my job say I’ll be glad to take the responsibility.

Instead of saying, I can’t say By God’s grace I can.

Taken from Word for Today by RBG


Guddi Kumari (My sis)

I am so happy to share with you guys and update you about my sis who I am preveilged to sponsor through World Vision. 

She made some drawings for me and wrote a little about herself and what she likes to do.  They attached her latest pic here which sort of bought tears of joy.  She has grown up so much and I was just pondering on the very first time I’ve seen her. It was on the World Vision website. She was short…serious face standing upright for a good photo shot.

Looking at her now… She is starting to become into a beautiful young lady.  She was holding a lamb in her hands.  Even time around…She is still going for that serious cute look in photos.

These things just make me feel really preveilged and honored for not only being able to sponsor her but also shows me what sort of life I am blessed with. I really encourage all of you to sponsor someone if you are able to… Because it really does make a difference.


Matthew 25:35,36 – “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

This is my goal in life. I pray it would remain to the end. I thank God for his goodness, mercy and grace in my life.


All blacks vs Australia

I am not sure if its just me…but I kept hearing the crowd ‘boooooooooo’ whenever ‘Cooper’ has the ball. I didn’t know we hated him so much.  I sort of feel sad for the poor guy. Imagine playing in a country where almost nobody likes you…