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We’re just like monkeys!

Today, our pastor was sharing a story about how they used to capture monkeys in his time. They used to put some sort of tempting food item inside a jar near the monkeys habitat. Within a few minutes, there will always be a monkey who would come down from the safety of trees to investigate. They are very curious beings just like us.

He quickly realizes that its a food item…and that he can’t get it out because its too wide. Neither can he take the jar and run to the top because its fixed to the ground. ¬†As the men approach to capture it….It just wouldn’t let go of that food item. The monkey is ready to risk its life but just wouldn’t let go.

We are somewhat like them, aren’t we? There are things that we lock our sight onto. No matter how many warnings we get from God, how dangerous it is or how its, ‘so not worth it’…we just wouldn’t let go.

Start to let go when God tells you to let go. God has better things for you. Start harkening to that still small voice from the Spirit of God. You’ll be safe and sound in the palm of his hands.

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