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The most powerful thing known to man is his ability to speak to his creator. Prayer does wonders, yet it’s the last thing we wonder about and wander away from.

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What do you see?

Just a couple of days ago, we had a wonderful family who came over to our place for dinner. They have a sweet little daughter named Vinnie and we loved playing with her.

Topic came up about construction and Dad asked me to show this couple some photos of a construction site taken while constructing a dream house.

This little girl got curious and leaned over to see the laptop screen. She couldn’t see it clearly. So I showed her personally what we showed her parents. While I was doing so… Her parents praised of the builders and architects involved. They were impressed with how it was coming along.

The little girl looked at these photos of construction pillars & building structures and said to me something I’ll probably never forget. She said, “It’s…broken!”

While pondering on this… I think this is how we can be sometimes. Here is God (Architect and a Builder) trying to construct something beautiful that others can benefit from and we (children) think we’re just broken structures. I think we need understand and see it from the architect’s perspective to really appreciate the ‘work in progress’ .

Until we do that…We can never walk tall and proud of our saviors work in us because we realize not who we truly are. That we are the workmanship of God.

We need to grow up. We need to become the sons of God. I think we’ve been His children for too long now. Don’t you think?