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The breath of God

I am so glad the expanse of sky isn’t a commodity. Whether you are the richest man on this planet or the poorest of us all, we all share the same view. There is no charge to pay. It’s man, in his greediness and what he believes to be great wisdom, discovered the currency and the exchange of value. God never did that. He gave it all for free – including His very son through whom we have the gift of salvation. What a faithful and loving God we serve?

Recently, I’ve been chatting with a good friend of mine. We were talking about the places we wanted to visit in future. Quite recently, I’ve been intrigued by something I’ve found online. It’s this place called Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The pictures on their website just amaze me. This was something I’ve always enjoyed including the starry galaxies. When we camp outside, I usually look up into the night sky; mesmerised at the beauty of God’s creation.

The Bible tells us that these stars are created by the breath of God (Psalms 33:6). He breaths these starry hosts into existence. Think about it for a second. What a might God we serve? We are so insignificant when we compare ourselves with his creation but in His sight, we are quite the opposite. We are the most significant part of His creation. In fact, all the things we see around us, were created just for us. Thank you Lord for your unfailing love for the mankind.