What a win by the All Blacks – Rugby World Cup Final

I was watching the world cup live on TV yesterday like most of the New Zealander who weren’t so fortunate enough to be at the Eden Park. The entire game was just a ‘spine-tingling’ experience. I was literally on the edge of my chair as the time was drawing near. I could hear my heart beat in perfect alignment with each second on the clock.

The struggles on both sides, the sheer intensity, the passion of rugby from New Zealanders….I think its a match to be remembered for the years to come just like the 1987 Rugby World Cup. The distinctive feature of the match held more than 24 years ago when AB’s were in the finals with france is the score.

In 1987, it was 29-9 but the game held yesterday was 8-7. How close is that?  It was just too dam close and the french boy have really put up a good fight. Some of us didn’t expect the french to play so well but they proved us wrong…They played really well and they deserve a pat on the back despite their loss to the AB’s.

But what a glorious moment when Richie McCaw lifts that ‘the Webb Ellis cup‘ with men standing behind him whose blood was thicker than black. They truly deserved it and all their hard work was paid off till another 4 years. I think New Zealand has also realized the value of Dan Carter after missing quite a lot of conversions.

I am truly proud to be a New Zealander and backing the big boys. Thank God for their win! (believe it or not, I prayed a lot in those last 10 mins)…