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Don’t let hurry…bury you

Today, I believe I have learnt an important lesson in life. I woke up this morning as usual…washed my face…got ready to start my day with a quick word of prayer.

That last bit there took a big toll on me. You can forget about everything but be absolutely certain not to forget to spend time with God.  The sooner we realize that the better we can defend ourselves against the powerful darts that the enemy throws at us during the day. My dad always mentions this in his messages…that satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. I sort of understand it a bit more now.

Temptations and trials are inevitable part of life. The more closer you walk with God…the stronger the force. But also be sure that it won’t be more than we can handle just as God said. The word of God is quite simple on how to deal with these forces. 

You just need to wait on God to renew your strength. Its as simple as that. Its a known fact in spiritual and physical realm that one cannot sustain long without strength to keep him/her going. 


There is absolutely no way around it…We must go through it.  Take it this way…Start to fall in love with Jesus.  In that way… Life becomes a whole lot better and things start to become more sense in this Christian walk.

Just like marriage…you start to work collaboratively and in oneness.  After all we are his bride. You will start to do things not because you have to but because you want to.  You slowly begin to understand your savior’s nature and what his likes and dislikes are. You start to truly appreciate His work in your life.  Trust me…its a wonderful experience.