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Secret to overcoming temptations

All of us face temptations time to time, at varying degree, and in different areas. I’ve faced a reasonable amount of battles in my own life – some of which I won gloriously and others, which I lost miserably.

With the little experience I do have, I would like to share three things that I found most helpful in scoring a home run. They are helpful in overcoming the temptations that come your way.

1) Flee from it – this works in all areas. Whether you’re tempted to smoke that last cigarette or found an incentive to lie – Just flee from it. Sometimes, you might have to perform this act physically and mentally. When you get evil thoughts…don’t nurture it…flee from those thoughts right away! Rebuke those thoughts immediately and start thinking about things that are worth thinking about. Whatever is good, whatever is lovely…

2) Run to your daddy – Your spiritual one that is. Satan doesn’t like you going to your daddy for help. He knows very well that you’re well protected under the “shadow of the almighty”. From the scriptures, we all know what Jesus did when He was at His weakest point – He got away from the crowd and prayed to His father. This is what we ought to do. Keep praying…never give up…we will be victorious just like Jesus. We have a father who cares for us and loves us more than we can ever imagine.

3) Meditate on His word and know when to use it – The psalmist writes of a blessed man. It says, “He meditates on His word day and night”. It’s easy to get caught up with work and family but that’s when we are the most forgetful – not just of meditating on God’s word but also on who holds the power. God gave us power. We are His sons and daughters. We must learn to use what is rightfully ours. Jesus rebuked the devil when he was tempted. We ought to do the same.

I hope these three secrets will help you live a victorious life. May God bless you and keep you.