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Destination Unknown

Today, I took my family on a short road trip. While cruising along the motorway… My dad asked me where I was taking them. I wanted to keep it a surprise so I was very reluctant to give even a slight hint.

My dad being the type of man he is was very persistent in knowing where we were heading. He asked me repeatedly in so many different forms. At last, he even gave me some ideal spots of where he would take us to if he was planning this trip. I kept strong and didn’t speak a word.

I was thinking how similar this is with God and us. When He is taking us on a life journey… We don’t want surprises. We want to know everything. We want to prepare ourselves mentally. You see… I knew where I was taking them would be a great place. That It would surpass their expectations. All they had to do was sit and enjoy the sceneries along the way.

They all were so consumed up in knowing the destination that they missed so many beautiful sceneries and experiences that I enjoyed while driving. That’s how we are like sometimes. We get so carried away with where we are going that we forget to enjoy the wonderful experiences along the way.

We need to trust our wonderful savior and just enjoy the experiences He takes us through. Sometimes we go through the mountains where life feels really good and sometimes we will go through valleys where giving up seems to be the only way. Sometimes the road is rough and the other times its smooth.

Just remember that at the end of the day…God knows where you need to be. He knows your destination and he’ll get you there safe and sound. So just chillax and relax.

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