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Simple sieve script to move junk emails

Spammy emails are frustrating and if you are running your own email server, chances are, you might still be getting spammy emails in your inbox without it being redirected to the spam folder. This little sieve script can solve your problem. Essentially, it looks for the subject. If the subject contains certain terms, you can forward those emails to a certain destination.

We are using which is a scalable email solution that you can host yourself. It has an option where it can prepend spammy emails with whatever string you set on the settings page. We set it to “*****SPAM*****“. Now, all we have to do is ask the sieve script to move those emails with that string to a folder of your choice. This is helpful because now my inbox isn’t crowded with ‘potential’ spam to look through early in the morning when I just want to get to the real deal. Hope it helps you. I also found some cool sieve scripts that do more than just move emails into specific folders. I’ll link them up under resources. Have fun 😉

Sieve script

require ["fileinto", "mailbox"];
if header :contains "Subject" "*****SPAM*****" {
    fileinto "Junk";


Number of useful examples
Easy sieve testing
Wiki on sieve
Some more examples


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Magento Slow Backend but A Fast Frontend

Past two days has been a nightmare. We recently migrated all of our websites to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the speed has been good. We love it. The infrastructure is excellent and so is the service we’re getting. I wouldn’t have a lot to say about their support, though. Unless you are a reasonably big enterprise which is spending a lot of dollars, you can’t afford their support packages. What I suggest from my personal experience is to subscribe to their developer support. If you get into issues relating to operating websites on their servers, they usually point you in the right direction. You will get a response generally within 24 hours which is ok.

The reason why I am writing this post is not to address that. It’s actually due to our experience with Magento. Over the past two days, I have learned so much about Magento E-Commerce Platform. One of our client who runs one of the biggest online pharmacies in New Zealand – hosts with us. The database is big, and so are the files. Migrating to AWS took a while, but we got there eventually. Since this website was so busy all through the day, the only time we could migrate had to be at midnight when it has the least amount of site traffic.

After migrating, we started noticing a significant problem. The speed of Magento’s backend or as some would address it as admin panel was terrible. So I did my little research on tackling this issue.

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Destination Unknown

Today, I took my family on a short road trip. While cruising along the motorway… My dad asked me where I was taking them. I wanted to keep it a surprise so I was very reluctant to give even a slight hint.

My dad being the type of man he is was very persistent in knowing where we were heading. He asked me repeatedly in so many different forms. At last, he even gave me some ideal spots of where he would take us to if he was planning this trip. I kept strong and didn’t speak a word.

I was thinking how similar this is with God and us. When He is taking us on a life journey… We don’t want surprises. We want to know everything. We want to prepare ourselves mentally. You see… I knew where I was taking them would be a great place. That It would surpass their expectations. All they had to do was sit and enjoy the sceneries along the way.

They all were so consumed up in knowing the destination that they missed so many beautiful sceneries and experiences that I enjoyed while driving. That’s how we are like sometimes. We get so carried away with where we are going that we forget to enjoy the wonderful experiences along the way.

We need to trust our wonderful savior and just enjoy the experiences He takes us through. Sometimes we go through the mountains where life feels really good and sometimes we will go through valleys where giving up seems to be the only way. Sometimes the road is rough and the other times its smooth.

Just remember that at the end of the day…God knows where you need to be. He knows your destination and he’ll get you there safe and sound. So just chillax and relax.

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Can’t find the music you are looking for? – Try Grooveshark

This is one killer app. Its got pretty much any song you can think of. I tried finding some of the most popular ones and the least popular. Amazingly, the results were filled with the right songs I wanted. If you can’t find a particular song that you are looking for, Grooveshark is your best bet.

Grooveshark is the world’s largest on-demand music streaming and discovery service. Over 30 million users flock to Grooveshark to listen to their favorite music, create playlists, discover new tunes, and share it all with friends via Facebook, Twitter, social news sites, and more.

So go ahead — try it out! If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear them.

Tell me what you think of it?

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Great Wall Art

I was browsing through Katie’s blog and found these wonderful wall arts…I really like the colors and the glow it brings to each room and setting….